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These heavy duty solid fiberglass posts (11/16" diameter) are used for more rigid corner posts, to hold nets up on especially high spots, for gateway posts, and for mounting small battery powered energizers like the MAXIM
B6 and B15.

The Post Kits contain 6 fiberglass posts, a drive cap, and a bag of cotter clips.

F684 4' Post Kit for 34" Nets: $28.00

F685 5' Post Kit for use with all Nets: $49.00

solid fiberglass post for rigid corner of net fence
fiberglass post kits for electric nets



Gate Nets are available for each style of FAST FENCE Nets in two lengths, 39 inches (1 m) for people and easily moved animals, and 13 feet (4 m) for equipment and livestock..

F7__ Short Gate Net, 39 inches long: $19.00
F7__ Long Gate Net, 13 feet long: $27.00

available styles & catalog numbers

gate length nets

ground rod for fence energizer


C321 DVM Digital Voltmeter, reads up to 9.9kv (9900 volts) and is very helpful for testing and troubleshooting electric fences that are electrified by modern pulsing type energizers: $49.00


F590 FF Warning Sign, flexible plastic with clips. Recommended for use wherever people not familiar with the fence may come close to it: $3.60

F695 Net Ending Kit
, for making Nets fit your exact need. Contains two 42" long white connecting leads and 25 split stainless steel sleeves. The instructions describe how to cut FAST FENCE Nets and refinish the ends to make two shorter nets of any length from one longer net: $6.00

F596 Portable Lead Set
, for making connections to Fast Fence Nets and Ground Rods with B 2-20, S 80, and all 110 volt MAXIM Energizers: $17.00

D304 FAST FENCE Ground Rod
, 48" x 1/2" zinc plated steel rod, made to fit the ground rod mounting receptacle on the B15 but can be used with any portable energizer, FOB: if not shipped with nets or post kit, $8.00
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